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Pizza Hut Australia has pledged its support for The White Knight Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which helps combat youth violence and provides support to young victims of crime.

The White Knight Foundation will use the support from Pizza Hut Australia to continue to help as many victims and their families going through hardships as a result of youth violence, as well as providing educational programs across the community on the impacts of unprovoked acts of violence.

The White Knight Foundation was established as a result of a vicious and unprovoked attack on Sydney teenager Liam Knight. Liam was at a gate-crashed party where a 2.8 metre long steel pole was thrown by a perpetrator and subsequently pierced Liam through his skull.

“Pizza Hut is world renowned for their quality and great pizzas. Having a large customer base of families and young people allows us to work closely with Pizza Hut to spread our messages of ‘think before you act’ and ‘look after your mates’,” White Knight Foundation Chairman Shane Knight said.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, our foundation provides financial and emotional support to victims and their families affected by youth violence."

“To date we have spoken to over 5500 students and donated over $100,000 to needy organisations and inidividuals. This support allows us to expand both programs significantly.”

Pizza Hut Australia Director, Katherine Younes, says the business is extremely proud to be in partnership with such a great foundation.

“Youth violence can have a devasting effect on all parties involved. We are supporting The White Knight Foundation so they can create positive change, educate young people and to enhance the lives of those impacted by youth violence,” she said.



amaysim and Investec partner to support victims of crime

The White Knight Foundation has teamed up for a second year with telecommunications giant amaysim and financial institution Investec to provide vital support to victims of unprovoked violent acts.

In a great show of support for the White Knight Foundation, amaysim and Investec will once again be supporting partners for the Gala Dinner, which will host both celebrities and government representatives on Friday May 19, 2017. For the full story click here


MotoMed Machine making a difference

The recent Motomed Donation from The White Knight Foundation coming to good use for a patient, Anna, at The Royal North Shore Hospital.

MOTOmed Donation

MEDIA RELEASE - The Moto Med Donation

How The White Knight Foundation has assisted in rehabilitation 

and patients journeys back to normality.



Pride of Australia: Liam Knight nominated for his White Knight Foundation


The White Knight Foundation has teamed with telecommunications giant Amaysim and financial institution Investec to provide vital support to victims of unprovoked violent acts.

For the full story please click HERE

THE WHITE KNIGHT FOUNDATION TAKES PART IN THE CAPP (community awareness policing program)

TWKF was very fortunate to take part in the NSW Police Force Community Awareness Policing Program this weekend which gave a rare insight into the great, but difficult work the police do to keep out streets as safe as possible. What an experience!

Liam Knight on 2 GB with Ben Fordham talking about the upcoming Gala Dinner Fundraiser.

Take a listen here.



A shattered family, a torn community and another tragic loss. When will people realise that these violent, idiotic actions only lead to disaster. Think before you act. Look after your mates and stop this rubbish before it becomes too late. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Patrick.

Disappointing to wake up and read about another young person stabbed as a result of a gate crashed party. If you're not invited don't rock up.

‪#‎dontrockup‬ ‪#‎thinkbeforeyouact‬
It's a shame to wake up on a Sunday morning and read the long list of violent incidents from the night before: All in brawls, stabbings, domestic violence and gate crashes.
As a society, how can we reduce these incidents from occurring?
Despite community outrage over senseless and violent acts, it continues to happen. Is it a drug and alcohol problem? Lack of education? Weak punishments from our judicial system? What ever the reason it must stop at the individual. ‪#‎thinkbeforeyouact‬

This is one of the most violent attacks we have witnessed and highlights the dangers of drugs like ice.
If you are struggling and need help, there are many services such asLifeline that can help you.

An utterly disgusting act by a young person, cowardly kicking a security guard in the head and running off. Let's hope he gets caught and receives the punishment he deserves.
Think before you act, this could have killed someone!

Another innocent life cut short by an unprovoked attack - See full story HERE


A HUGE congratulations to Liam Knight for his nomination for Young Australian of the Year !!

Gatecrashing is not acceptable behaviour

A nice story by 7 News Sydney as ambassador Liam Knight, being inducted into the Royal Rehab wall of fame and The White Knight Foundation's donation, to assist victims of crime through the purchase of medical gym equipment.

The White Knight Foundation Ambassador Liam Knight will today be inducted into the Royal Rehab wall of fame. Liam's story will be one of many that will inspire and encourage future patients. Well Done!

Liam's interview on 2UE - discussing The White Knight Foundations upcoming charity walk and how he is doing 2 years on from the attack.

Liam Knight Interview on 2UE

Watch the launch of this great foundation on Channel 10's The Project below.