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The White Knight Foundation has attracted some passionate ambassadors who are committed to raising support for young victims of crime. Together, you can help those who have been innocently attacked and severely injured by donating to The White Knight Foundation. Spread the word, that gate crashing parties and attacking innocent people can not only ruin your life, but someone else's.

Karl Stefanovic
Karl Stefanovic is the co-host of Channel 9's TODAY show and journalist for the 60 Minutes program. Karl became involved with Liam Knight and his family by telling Australia Liam's story, on 60 Minutes. The White Knight Foundation are extremely fortunate to have an ambassador like Karl, an everyday Aussie who like everyone, would like to see the end to youth violence.

Liam Knight
Liam is an incredible inspiration to everyone who has hit a road block in life. He suffered horrific injuries on the 11th January 2013, when gatecrashers threw building material from the roof of a friends house piercing through Liam's skull. Liam is now left with multiple life long injuries including seizures, mobility restrictions and physical disablilties. The rehabilitation costs and ongoing medical financial burden is something that Liam and his family now have to deal with from an attack caused by stupidity. Liam managed to finish his HSC in 2013 and has been accepted into the Australian Catholic University to study Commerce, which he will persue in 2015 after spending 2014 focusing on his road to recovery. Liam hopes that through his story, that nothing like this will happen again.

Michael Hooper

Michael is the current flanker for the NSW Waratahs and the newest and youngest Australian Wallaby captain in over 50 years. He has won nearly every individual award that rugby has to offer and continues to outperform many of the worlds top players. Michael was asked to be an ambassador for The White Knight Foundation and was humbled by being asked. He sees no place for youth violence, and knowing Liam, can see how much support people need in rehabilitation.

Ben Fordham

Jesinta Campbell

Katie Williams

Ben Fordham is a journalist and previous Walkley Award. Ben is currently a host on the TODAY show and a popular talk back radio presenter on 2GB 873. Ben is a strong believer in the reduction of youth violence.

Jesinta is fast becoming one of televisions favourite presenters and has appeared on Dancing with the Stars, has regular roles as a weather presenter, reports for The Morning Show and Getaway. Jesinta is also and ambassador for other youth orientated charities and a great role for young women. 

Katie Williams is a national surf life saving beach sprint and flag champion. Katie has won the local heroine award for women's the health magazine and is fast building a reputation in the modelling world. Katie epitomises what The White Knight Foundation stands for and she, herself is a young person who would love to see an end to gate crashing and youth violence.